Thursday, 26 January 2012



January is meant to be a bit of a down month because it is just after Christmas and everyone is poor, the weather isn’t great and everyone has to go back to work. January blues.

This January has been pretty bloody awesome for me! First thing that happened, beginning of the month I won a competition through twitter in which I got £250 pounds to give to a charity of my choice and £250 Mr & Mrs Smith vouchers (a boutique hotel company). That was pretty awesome considering I have never won a competition before and the prize was great!
To get all that all I had to do was re tweet any tweets that ‘The Liquid Way’ (an agency) posted that had the hash tag #sharethelove – simple!
The best part of that prize was the giving to charity, makes you feel brilliant. I gave to two smaller charities who I thought it would mean more too – Strollers and The ACLT. Both mean something to me as Strollers is ran by my future mother in law and my sister had a friend in Uni who died and his mum runs the ACLT.
Dan and I will probably use the hotel vouchers for a birthday weekend away in July (that will also be a great month!)

Anyway back to January. So that happened right at the start of the New Year, then on the Saturday 14th I went wedding dress shopping for the second time with my mum and bridesmaids (Imogen and my sister Stevie). We had a 10 o’clock appointment at ‘Miss Bush’ – great name right?! And then an 11 o’clock appointment to try some bridesmaid outfits on. There was one particular dress I wanted to try back on as had tried it in September and loved it. Anyway to cut a long story short, by 12 o’clock that day I had bought my dress (with £275 off) and paid a deposit for the bridesmaid’s dresses. It was great!
Few days later Dan and I booked our DJ and our day music for the wedding and went and met our wedding coordinator for the big day. Booked accommodation and ran through the day – which was a massive relief knowing our coordinator was so on the ball!
In terms of wedding stuff, January has been pretty amazing and 2012 has started off, as I knew it would, brilliantly!

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