Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Don't sweat the small stuff

A friend of mine was diagnosed with Cancer in September last year; she has been blogging about the whole experience and is just plain amazing.
She started a blog so that family and friends could see what she was going through and keep up with her treatments, but this blog became so popular and Laura has since been in newspapers because of it.
The reason I am blogging about this is because she is on her last bout of Chemo and then she is waiting on the results. I am just so surprised at how quick it has been to get to March and how happy I am for her that she is now so close to the end of this challenge.

She got me thinking, and I would guess a lot of people would have the same thoughts, how would I do if that happened to me?
I don’t think I would be all that brave about it, and I definitely would be moaning A LOT!
You don’t know how you will be unless you are going through it and everyone reacts differently but I just can’t see myself being as composed as Laura is about it all.
Laura says sorry in her blog a bit, sorry for moaning about how hard it is, sorry for moaning about putting on weight, sorry for swearing... I keep thinking ‘you are SO not moaning!’.  Jeez she is the most positive person with a few, understandable, little upsetting blogs about being in pain and it being unfair – and when I say a few, I mean a few! She had a huge fear of needles – she got through that, she lost her beautiful hair she got through that AND posted loads of pictures. I always think she should be moaning all the more from what she is going through and she doesn’t. I think this is why her blog is a big inspiration, because she is so brave and open and positive.

I think everyone can learn a lot from Laura, she is so young and look what she has had to go through but she has never let it stop her. We moan about these little insignificant things in our lives when people are really dealing with things beyond most of our comprehension. And I know it is completely natural for us to moan and those things don’t feel insignificant at the time but I guess it is about looking at the big picture and realising what is really going to affect you and what is just not all that important. I moan a lot but it is when I read Laura’s blog that I realise that moaning does nothing, It doesn’t really help.

The saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ really does run true – we just need to learn how to block the small stuff from the worry section of our brains! J

If you want to read more on Laura, I would really recommend it!

Fingers, arms, legs & toes crossed for the 22nd!

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