Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Last week I did my 3rd day with PR, second office based, and it was a different sort of day. 

Didn't start well. Forgot my log-in and the IT guy wasn't in until 10 and I was meant to check a paper for relevant stories and then send round the team by 10 - didn't happen. 

Anyway did a lot of things with papers which was fine BUT then I got asked to do, probably, my worst job. Call people! I know I know, if I might be interested in a career in PR I need to be able to ring around a lot but I first need to concur this bloody fear. 

Seriously is a fear. I get a bit of panic when I have to call someone I don't know about something I am not entirely sure on. 

Luckily for me there were plenty of barriers in the way so I didn't actually get around to it until right at the end of the day but by 5.30 I couldn't put it off any more and had to 'bite the bullet' and call. 
Great start, the first two people were none answers, the last two I couldn't locate numbers for... only 1 actually answered. I messed up what I was meant to say but actually the call went fine, as I knew it would, and all was sorted. Yey to me. 

The reason I am writing about this is I want to know if I am the only person who gets like this? Get real nerves when faced with calls? I worry so much about what the call will involve, will the person ask questions I won't know the answer too, will they get angry, will I make things really bad for everyone, will the world end... you know, normal worries. 

I was proud that I did call. I forced, and I mean forced, myself to pick up the phone and do my job. The thing is, you can only be proud to an extent when the fear is something you know is stupid and is something you need to do. 

I also know that the way to get passed this weird aversion to calls is to make calls and answer calls all the time without thinking and get myself used to it. I used to do that, I worked in a role where I was always on the phone and had no problem with it but it had taken me a time to get to that point and when I changed company the fear came back and worse. 

I know it is a worry of not knowing the information needed and being embarrassed and made to look stupid but the thing is, I actually haven't had a call like that so not sure why I am so crazy about it! 

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