Monday, 6 February 2012

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day (hence the red)

Not long until Valentine’s Day... if that means anything to anyone anymore?
I always love the thought of Val day every year but not too sure why. Think it must be the fact that Dan and I always get a curry and watch a film together... not much different from most nights to be honest (well the curry is). We make a bit of effort and get each other a card but that is about all for us. Do people give presents anymore and make a big deal out of the day?

Other than the acknowledgement of the date I don’t really buy into the Valentines thing. I think you should show you love someone more often and without command! If Dan forgot to get me a card on the 14th February I wouldn’t be upset, the date means nothing to us as a couple. I know it is viewed as slightly cynical not to do anything on Valentine’s Day and it’s a bit harsh if you don’t buy your partner something to commemorate the day but why? If you don’t spend money on the person you love on Valentine’s Day does that mean you love them less?

I remember that sometime last year, during saving all our money and never going out, I got a random delivery of roses to work from Dan. The card read ‘Just because we are saving doesn’t mean I can’t send you something to say I love you’. The fact they were spontaneous and unexpected made them all the more special to me. Getting flowers on Valentine’s Day is lovely but it is sort of expected.

Dan proposed to me in February 2010, he did it on the 10th. If you are like me and are with someone and know that one day marriage is on the cards then all big dates flag up as that possible date of engagement. I didn’t think Dan would propose because we had only been together 15 months but I did think of Valentine’s Day and wondered if maybe... The clever boy took me completely by surprise and did it 4 days before when I had absolutely no expectation. I was in complete shock, to the point of him having to prompt me to answer him J So now, to us, the 10th is actually a more important date than 14th.
Basically my point is, the surprise is the nice part of getting treated, getting a declaration of love. Valentine’s Day is great but it is staged and obvious. Isn’t it?

I know that some people think that Valentine’s Day is a nice day and there is no harm celebrating it... I totally agree, but I don’t think there should be the pressure to buy into this corporate holiday that is just there to make people spend more money.

Maybe you should be different and go and do something special for the person you love today rather than waiting for the 14th?

Any day could be YOUR Valentine’s Day. It is up to you.

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