Tuesday, 14 February 2012



There is a real wedding boom happening for me at the moment. So many people in my close group of friends are engaged and planning weddings. I have 6 this year (mine included) and already have 3 for next year! It is a busy time but SO exciting as these are some of my best friends getting married and it is so amazing we have all got to that next step in our lives.

Saturday was the first of my very close friend’s weddings; my lovely friends Lisa married her boyfriend of about 10 years Logan. They had a church wedding and then reception in Windsor which was just stunning. The weather was perfect, blue sky, sunny with some snow on the ground. Just what you would want from a winter wedding. The pictures will come out looking beautiful; I am just amazed that Lisa went the whole time without covering up! She must have been freezing but didn’t look it. Bride determination J
She had 4 bridesmaids, 2 flowers girls and a page boy who all looked brilliant. And the Groom and the grooms’ men all looked so smart and dapper.
The colour theme was pink and purple and the bridesmaids were in a pinky purple gown.
The reception was beautifully decorated, little favours for everyone with sweets inside and handmade place settings. The table themes were wedding movies, I was on the ‘Bridesmaid’ film table. The food was amazing, literally ate everything they gave me! Wine was flowing and the table conversation was great. First dance went off beautifully to a song I wouldn’t have even thought of but was just perfect. The reception afterwards was great, lots of shots; dancing, laughing and general merriment was had by everyone there (the ‘Sexy Beasts’ all got wrapped up in some carpet and had a bundle – we were very respectable guests J). Safe to say that Mr and Mrs Lloyd had a great send off into their married life.

The only thing I kept thinking was - it is almost over. It just flew by. Something she had been planning for 6 months (she had a short engagement) went so quick it was difficult to take it all in and before we knew it, it was over and we were leaving.

I have been planning my wedding to Dan on and off for two years so far. We have been completely laid back about the whole thing, which is a major change in our personalities as I can’t say we are usually so chilled! We have another 9 months to go and before I was counting down but now I just keep thinking I need to take it all in, enjoy all the planning, all the build up, everything because when the day gets here it will be gone in no time. I know that no matter what, when that day is over I will want to be doing it all again because we have worked so hard for it and it has been a big part of our lives for so long!

So the point is, I am going to stop wishing the year away and start focusing on what is to come throughout this year and get excited about the many celebrations I have before W day.

2012 – This is THE year. I want to make it the most memorable of all.  

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